VK Lillie Medicine Bags


There’s something going on with medicine bags.

Seemingly out of nowhere, they popped up last spring at shows in Paris and New York.

Are we looking for magic?… Needing to be healed?…

Whatever it is, a number of designers felt the vibe and made their own versions – but none were as gorgeous and striking as those from VK Lillie.

Since debuting the line at Browns in London last year, VK Lillie’s crystal-encrusted pieces have garnered lots of editorial attention and have graced the necks of celebs like Beyoncé and Tilda Swinton.

The line is the creation of mother-daughter team Vanessa and Kira Lillie. I got to interview Kira at the line’s first show in Paris last March:


And at the New York debut at Curve:

For more information on VK Lillie, go to VKLillie.com