Nary Manivong and NAHM

Every now and then, you come across a fashion story so impressive, so inspiring, it makes you feel like a schmuck for all the things you haven’t achieved.

Try this one…

A 14-year-old boy, the son of Laotian immigrant parents, is abandoned by his mother and father, left to fend for himself on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Homeless, the boy turns to gangs, drugs, and crime. But miraculously, by the grace of God and Anna Wintour, he falls upon a copy of Vogue magazine… and his life is changed forever.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Nary Manivong.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nary upon the release of “Dressed”, a documentary about his remarkable journey (see link below).

At the same time, his AMAZING new line with partner Ally Hilfiger, NAHM, was debuting in New York. And now, to top it all off, NAHM was recently nominated for Fashion Group International’s Rising Star award.

Here are some photos from this week’s FW 2012/2013 collection

Some photos of the FW 2011/2012 collection

and a video of the SS 2012 collection.

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Listen to an interview with Nary here: