If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then MAWI must feel pretty damn admired.

I’ve been avidly following this London-based line for a decade now, and season after season, they come up with the most innovative, rockstar, sumptuous pieces—the pieces that inspire everyone else in the industry.

They’ve had a stellar rise, and a very exciting ride these last few years: The Walpole Luxury Brand of Tomorrow award, three seasons worth of New Generation Awards from the British Fashion Council, and recognition from the British Luxury Society. They’ve designed runway accessories for Hugo Boss and are partnering with Disney Couture on a delicious line called “Minnie Mawi.” They’ve racked up a huge celebrity following, worn by everyone from Mary Kate Olsen to Rihanna to the British First Lady. And they’ve opened both an e-shop and their first MAWI boutique in Shoreditch.

Here’s a video I shot with them in Paris last year:

For more info on Mawi, go to

And here’s an interview with designer Mawi Keivom and Managing Director Tim Awan: