Saving Face at Kim Laudati Skin Care

Kim Laudati is a skin genius. An epidermal miracle worker!

Lemme tell you a little story…

Last year, while on a business trip in LA, I broke out like a teenager. This is not a normal occurrence for me — I have a skin regimen, I regularly get facials, I take care of myself… So I freaked out.

In a fit of desperation, I asked a West Coast doctor friend (NOT a dermatologist) to shoot me up with a little cortisone.

Bad idea!

How you say… DISASTER.

I got what’s known as a ‘Cortisone Injury.’

This is a fancy way of saying ‘HUGE DENTS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FACE.’

Check it out:

(You know I must really love Kim if I’m willing to post this photo)

I needed fixing PRONTO.

But I kept hitting walls!  No online information was helpful or useful.  None of the doctors I talked to thought my face would ever repair itself, as the damage was too severe. My dermatologist suggested tearing the dents apart with a needle, a process that would leave me with gaping wounds for weeks and wasn’t guaranteed to work. A plastic surgeon friend suggested fillers… FOREVER. I was despondent.

That’s when I lucked out and stumbled on Kim Laudati Skin Care.

I’ve always been a sucker for a fancy facial. Triple Oxygen, Red Carpet, Galvanic Current… You name it.  So when I read about Kim’s ‘Le Magnifique’ – a combination of ultrasound, ultrasonic resurfacing, radio frequency, micro current, red and infrared LED light, and wet oxygen therapy –  I had to give it a try.

Once laid out in her treatment room, I told Kim about my cortisone troubles. She explained how her combination of high-tech treatments actually builds collagen, and that she’d successfully used the technique to fill in scars on different clients’ body parts. She proposed a plan – why not come in once a week for a half hour, and see if she could improve the problem?

I had nothing to lose, so I let her at ‘em.

Drumroll, please…..

Within 8 weeks, they were GONE.

Like, POOF!!

No needles, no wounds, no pain, no downtime, no nothing.

See for yourself:

















Amazing or what?!

But wait – I still haven’t told you about Le Magnifique!

Gang, it was all that. We are talking a faaaaaaaabulous facial. Your skin looks dreamy immediately afterward, you actually look younger, and you keep glowing for the rest of the week.

Consider this: If the technology she’s using was able to make my dents disappear, imagine what wonders her full facial does for your collagen production. She’s like a one-woman fountain of youth.

Now go run and book yourself a facial at her new Madison Avenue spa before she becomes too famous to get an appointment (I actually worry about this)!

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