Crystal Clear

Crystals are making a comeback!

No longer relegated to the realm of hippies and ashram lovers, the fashion pack seems to be discovering Crystal Power.

When I first saw VK Lillie’s amazing medicine bags, I thought it was a one time thing:

(see the Fashion Dilettante piece on VK Lillie’s medicine bagsĀ here)

Then during this past Paris Fashion Week, MAWI showed these gorgeous quartz crystal pieces at Premiere Classe:


Again, I thought it was an anomaly. But it being MAWI, I should have realized the canary was tweeting in the coal mine…

(For more about MAWI, check out the interview here)

That same week, Chanel had a runway show that turned out to be stalagmite heaven:


I came back to New York curious — would IĀ start seeing crystals everywhere?


Sure enough, while drooling in Opening Ceremony, I fell upon Pamela Love‘s outrageous collection:


Wait! Hold on a sec! Those bracelets looked awfully familiar….


Apparently I wasn’t the only person who noticed. Word is that both Pamela Love and Chanel were inspired by the same photo of a crystal cuff from the 70′s. Love’s cuffs were part of her FW 2011/2012 collection, so Chanel, being the classy folks that they are, acknowledged the similarity and quickly removed the bracelets from the line.

A classic story of fashion repeating itself! And of that intangible idea of zeitgeist…

I’m guessing we’re all looking for a little Crystal Magic. Let the healing begin!