FAVES FROM THE TRADES – Paris FW 2012/2013

Welcome to a brand new feature on Fashion Dilettante, FAVES FROM THE TRADES.

This is a section I’ve been wanting to do ever since I first dreamed up FD…

Each season, I walk through the major trade shows in New York and Paris, looking for designers and pieces that really catch my attention. I loooove the trade shows. It’s kind of the opposite of the big runway shows — instead of being presented a fantasy, you’re faced with the reality of fashion. This is where new designers cut their teeth, and where established lines earn their shekels. Fabrics, stitches, the weight of metals, how a piece is actually constructed… That’s what you’re faced with, up close. There’s no gorgeous model or soundtrack to distract you from what you’re actually looking at. And these are the things you’ll actually see in the stores — as opposed to the delicacies conjured up just for the runway. In other words, this is THE REAL DEAL.

Whether it’s about a trend emerging, a new line that’s on it’s way to getting big, or just something incredibly cool that you should look out for online or in stores near you –come check it out in FAVES FROM THE TRADES.


Look out for New York and Paris Spring Summer 2013 editions coming soon!