I’m thinking that most of you know what a mitzvah is – a good deed.

Who doesn’t want to do a good deed?

How about doing one that involves shopping for fabulous bags at a discount AND winning a smoking hot car?

Now we’re talkin’!

Jas Sehmbi of British luxury leather brand Jas M.B. has designed am awesome bag that he’s selling at a fraction of it’s retail value to raise charity for Plan UK – an organization dedicated to educating young women around the world. And as a bonus for buying the bag, you can be entered into a drawing to win Jas’ vintage 1973 Porsche 911!

Just go to to check out the ‘Enni Day’ Charity Shopper bags, then pick your color and buy it at The drawing will be held on November 14th.

If you happen to be in Paris for Fashion Week, and you want to check out Jas’ Porsche – it’ll be parked in front of Trano├» from 9/28-10/1. Hope to see you there! (But hands off. The car is mine.)