Tia Cibani goes Solo

New lines from seasoned designers are always exciting.

It’s their opportunity to break out, let the juices flow, and try that thing they always wanted to do.

Case in point: Tia Cibani.

She’s the former creative director of Ports 1961, a line I’ve been loving for years. She decided to pass the Ports design torch to her sister Fiona in 2010, and focused on having a family.

But the maternal pull couldn’t keep her away… She gave birth to both her daughter and her eponymous line in 2012.

And Oooh.

Her muse has moved in a sexy, cinematic direction. The clothes are just gorgeous — moody, timeless, and fluid.

We got to see her debut show at New York Fashion Week last season:

Can’t wait to see what comes from her fertile brain next…

For more info, go to www.TiaCibani.com