It’s RABBIT Season!

Just in time for Easter…

Bunnies are jumping out of the woodwork!

I first noticed the trend last season in Paris, and it’s still going strong for FW 2013.

Bountiful bunny baseball caps from Bernstock Speirs, awesome bunny-clasped bags and bunny-eared pumps from Minna Parikka (in glitter finishes for FW!), and adorable porcelain bunny rings from newcomers Nach Jewellery (spelled the British way, dahling) -

But the bunny devotion of two lines especially stood out -

Hillier, a line out of London by Kate Hillier (who also designs accessories for Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham), is so devoted to bunnies that they got their own collection. The girl has gone bunny bananas!  Gold and diamond bunny earrings, necklaces, and rings are featured at the highest end of her line. As she would describe them, they’re truly luxury with a wink.

And Carsten Haase, a German designer out of Paris whose logo is a bunny on stork legs, explains that ‘Haase’ translates to ‘Hare’ in German. His bunny love expresses itself through fabulously printed scarves and t-shirts, plus a particularly outrageous signet ring -

This one below was my favorite  -



High Five, Bunny Buddy!

Have a Happy Holiday!