The DIVINE Andre J

I’ve been looking forward to doing a piece on Andre J since launching FD.

Who is Andre J? Honey, where to begin…

Andre’s an inspiration. A ray of light! A living example of triumph over adversity and circumstance.

He’s a model. A muse. A fashion icon. An otherworldly presence around town (Whichever side of the pond you’re on.)

He’s the only black male ever to grace the cover of French Vogue. He started the trend of gender-bending models and campaigns. (He’s just been joined by a second male covergirl in January 2013, this time on the cover of Serbian Elle. And, funny enough, by another ‘Andre J’–the lovely Andrej Pejik.)

He’s Carine Roitfeld’s co-conspirator on an as-yet-secret project (hush hush!). He’s appeared on LOGO, on the runway for Charlie Le Mindu during the couture shows in Paris, on Refinery 29 teaching us girls how to walk in heels, and he just wrapped shooting for Germany’s Next Top Model with Heidi Klum.


And while the shiny surface is the first thing that hits you, Andre goes deep. He lives his message of love and generosity 24/7 and is dedicated to giving back. He’s a role model to anyone striving to live their own truth.

So if you’re looking for a dose of fabulous sprinkled with self-love and empowerment, look no further…

Listen to the podcast with Andre HERE: