I’m loving all the vicious teeth I’m seeing this season!

The fashion world’s gone mental for all things dental…

It started with The Blonds SS 2013 runway show here in NYC.

They always have outrageous, iconic inspirations – and this season, ‘JAWS’ was clearly one of them:


Teeth 2

TheBlondsSharkBittenNails670x274Weeks later, at the trade shows in NY and Paris, teeth were suddenly popping up everywhere.

I wanted to devour this taxidermied-teeth ring from New York designer Chris Habana:

ChrisHabanaTeethRing670x274Then I chewed on this awesome teeth bag from London-based Larissa Hadjio, and this vampire fang necklace from Brooklyn’s own VERAMEAT:

Onward to rockstar Parisian designer Annelise Michelson‘s Carnivore Collection:


So what’s it about? An extension of the whole Twilight/vampire craze? Fashionista skull fatigue?

Whatever the reason, I sank my choppers into the trend -

I adapted The Blonds nails, lucked upon a killer Jaws shirt at Zara, and hunted down my own Annelise Michelson pieces (I’d still give my eye teeth for that Chris Habana ring).

But I’m not alone in eating up the incisors!

While watching Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago, on came the fab Gin Wigmore. I couldn’t help noticing the dental work dangling from her neck:

teethsingerWhat can I say?

You gotta love style with a little bite.