Happy Anniversary, FD!


I can’t believe it’s already been THREE YEARS since launching Fashion Dilettante!

The time has just flown. And throughout this stretch in which so much has happened – tons of change and drama and action for me and for my family – my love for FD has been a constant touchstone.

What specifically?

Always hunting for The New. Whether I’m on the streets, at tradeshows, or running around Fashion Weeks, new ideas or designers or products or venues never fail to give me a rush.

Talking to fascinating people. How lucky, to be constantly exposed to creative, intelligent, unique and fabulous folks! I’m inspired by your bravery and conviction, and by how human we all are beneath it all.

And the never-ending, ever-changing task of expressing the best, truest version of me. Seeing what speaks to me, and what speaks FOR me, is a journey I just love to death.

So here are some highlights from the past three plus years – and a little window into my craziness. Hoping some of you can relate!

Super huge and special thanks to editor extraordinaire Max Berger, and to Trevor Vaz for his fabulous song, ‘RAT!’

We’re all in it together, honeys -

Onward and Upward!



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